Correctly Measuring Different Types of Higher Education in UK Survey Data


We attempt to differentiate the degree attainment in the UK by type of higher education institutions. Historically higher education in the UK has been shaped by a dual system - elite universities on the one hand and polytechnics and other higher education institutions on the other. Despite the formal equivalence of both degrees, the two institution types faced different financing, target populations, admission procedures and subjects taught. Nevertheless, in survey data they are often indistinguishable. We overcome this problem using a multiple imputation technique in the UKHLS and BHPS data sets. We examine the validity of inference based on imputed values using Monte Carlo simulations. We also verify that the imputed values are consistent with university graduation rates computed using the universe of undergraduate students in the UK.

Johanna Luise Reuter
Johanna Luise Reuter
Assistant Professor (non tenure-track) in Economics

Hello! I’m a AP (non tenure-track) in Economics at the Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz, Austria. I am an applied economist and work on gender, family, health and education economics. I obtained my PhD at the European University Institute under the supervision of Michèle Belot and Andrea Ichino.